Don't follow style, create it. Add a touch of class and comfort by trying a pair of Reverse Cufflinks™. Stand out from the crowd while showing off those fantastic looking cufflinks on your business shirt.

Reverse Cufflinks™ are a unique and exciting new product designed to enhance the look of any men's or women's long sleeve button cuff shirt. They're made of high quality materials, combining durable stainless steel with elastic paracord that stretches twice it's length and is used in military parachutes.  This allows you to easily slide your sleeve up for comfort while remaining in place.

Why do you need Reverse Cufflinks™? The flexibility. Choose the fit you like with a wide range of styles, colors, and looks. If you don't see something you like, create your own with our customization option.

Reverse Cufflinks™ make the perfect gift for the stylish friend in your life. Shop now!

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