The initial idea of the reverse cufflink was hatched about two years ago. It became a project, drawings were made and prototypes were built. There were countless conversations with friends, business associates, men's clothing store personnel and, of course, attorneys. I could not be more proud today to be launching Along the way, there have been many people that have helped in so many ways and I would like to take a moment to thank them.


 Devin Brown, J & J Machine Company, Inc.

Devin built the initial reverse cufflink prototype. Devin, like myself, is a Babson College graduate and I found his company from the alumni directory. Devin builds highly technical and complex prototypes for many different industries and uses. Fortunately, he took an interest in my project and helped with design, materials and overall functionality. Although the final design is different, we would not be here today without Devin's help. You may contact Devin at or 508- 481-8166. You may also visit his website


 Nicole Abinajm, Nicole Photography

Nicole is responsible for our initial photography session and her photos may be seen on the Reverse Cufflinks website and other social media outlets. Nicole can take care of all of your photography needs. She is the best at weddings, bridal, senior, baby and family portraits. Nicole was awarded the 2014 Bride Favorite for San Antonio You may see her work and contact her on Facebook at Nicole Photography or Facebook at


 Ed DeCora and Pete Menke, Ed's Precision Manufacturing, LLC

I was introduced to Ed and Pete by a friend. Ed and his team, spearheaded by Pete, are responsible for the first full production run of Reverse Cufflinks. They not only produced an excellent product, but also were great to work with throughout the process, including design ideas. I look forward to working with them in the future. You may reach Ed and Pete at


 Tony Walker, TexStar Productions

Tony filmed all the videos you see on the Reverse Cufflinks website, as well as Etsy and YouTube. He also took most of the photos you are see on the website. Tony is a true professional and great to work with. If you need video work done in the Houston area, he is the company to contact. You may reach Tony at or at 832-286-3306.


 Kevin Fitzpatrick,

Thank you to Kevin for the photo editing on the Reverse Cufflinks website. He helped greatly to speed up the process and get all the photos on the website. Kevin may be contacted at or 832-287-1223.


 Mark Klein, Klein's Jewelry

Thank you to Mark for agreeing to work with me on any custom designs our customers may want or need. To learn more about Designs by Klein's Jewelry email Mark at


 Carol Tomlinson, Engrave It Houston

Thank you to Carol, Yvonne and Chelsie for all of their help. If you buy a Reverse Cufflink and want it engraved, this is where the engraving will be done. They are terrific people to work with and do a great job of engraving. Carol, Yvonne and Chelsie may be contacted at or 713-896-1765.


Coby Rich, Creative Content Provider,

Coby was a huge help in redesigning the website and logo. He also added some great content and design. Coby has a great creative mind and I will miss our meetings at The Beer Market.


Sam Sabawi, Sabawi Bookeeping and Tax Services

Sam has been very helpful with tax advice and strategies. If you are in need of tax advice and accurate reporting, you may reach Sam at or 713-239-2621.


Joe Culpepper, Culpepper Custom Woodworks

Joe helped design and made the display box, I refer to as my briefcase, as well as the display stands that you will see in retail stores. Joe is really a true craftsman and primarily works on custom kitchens. He was kind enough to help on my small project. Joe can be reached at 713 818-5015.



Jay Nelson, as a long time friend and Advertising Executive, thanks for the honest and thought provoking critiques and suggestions. You are and will continue to be a very valuable advisor, consultant and asset to me. 

Gregg Barfield, thanks for all the advice and hard work to help make the Reverse Cufflinks website a reality.

Jim Miller, thank you for the tools, advice, ideas, cigar boxes, food and tequila.

Ronnie Shimkus, thank you for adding the finishing touch on the design.

Bill Tresten, thank you for taking an interest in my business and all your help and advice, but, you are not done yet.

Michael and William Tresten, thank you for working so hard with me on product. We are not done.

Lastly, I must say thank you to my wonderful wife, Lynn Donovick for all of her love, patience and support throughout this process. I cannot begin to list all of the things she has done to help me launch Reverse Cufflinks, and encouraging me to follow my dream to create the Reverse Cufflink.

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